Author: Marty McGee

  • Mendocino Bike Sprite WWA Enduro 2015 Saturday Course

    Mendocino Bike Sprite WWA Enduro 2015 Saturday Course

    WWE Course – Saturday, June 13, 2015. Partial Reveal. Okay, so this is a bit wonky, since we have two significant segments that are closed. One long transfer stage and one race stage are closed for Timber Harvest. This route gets you to experience 3 of the race stages for Saturday. Much more gravel grinding […]

  • New Machine Converts Plastic Back Into Oil

    These guys figured out how to convert plastic (garbage/recycled) back into oil and reduce CO2 emissions into the environment by 80% !! The machine is small, the positive impact on global environment and emerging markets is GIGANTIC. Posted by Marty McGee on Sunday, May 3, 2015

  • McGee Home Garden

    McGee Home Garden

    “McGee Home Garden” is a working prototype design for a “Redwood Garden with Raised Beds and Lattice Fence” to grow enough food to support one family. This garden currently supports over 400 thriving plants within over 40 species. Built with all weathered redwood and organic soil, organic soil conditioners, and organic pest control methods.

  • Lost Coast Trail

    Lost Coast Trail

    Backpacking the challenging and spectacular Lost Coast Trail with Bill Brashears and Jim Sweetwood from King’s Range North LCT trailhead to Cooskie Creek.

  • Mercedes C240 Throttle Body

    Mercedes C240 Throttle Body

    Mercedes Siemens VDO and Mercedes Bosch “drive-by-wire” electronic throttle bodies commonly fail, resulting in rough idle, no idle (engine won’t start/turn-over), poor gas pedal-to-throttle response, and/or random loss of acceleration while driving (common and extremely dangerous).  These affected “electronic throttle control” systems are ones fitted for Mercedes C/E/S/CLK/SLK class models as early as 1998, often reported failing after 100,000-130,000 miles. […]