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McGee Home Garden

Project “McGee Home Garden” is a working prototype design for a “Redwood Garden with Raised Beds and Lattice Fence” to grow enough food to support one family. This garden currently supports over 400 thriving plants within over 40 species. Built with redwood lumber, decking screws, organic soil, organic soil conditioners, organic seeds, organic pest control methods.

A.k.a: “Electromagnetic Radiation Farm”, “M-box 2″
Mission: Build a self-regulating farm to grow food for one family.
Stage: Working Prototype

Project Construction Specs:

16′ x 32′ x 5′ = dimensions
512’^2 = total enclosure area
228’^2 = raised bed growing area
3 = 11” horizontal full-sun raised beds
1 = 11” vertical part-shade raised bed

McGee Home Garden 2014-08-09 003

McGee Home Garden 2014-08-09 005

McGee Home Redwood Garden 2014-08-09 018

McGee Home Redwood Garden 2014-08-09 124

McGee Home Redwood Garden 2014-08-09 015

McGee Home Garden 2014-08-09 009

McGee Home Garden 2014-08-09 024

McGee Home Garden 2014-08-09 137

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