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  • Mercedes C240 Throttle Body

    Mercedes C240 Throttle Body

    Mercedes Siemens VDO and Mercedes Bosch “drive-by-wire” electronic throttle bodies commonly fail, resulting in rough idle, no idle (engine won’t start/turn-over), poor gas pedal-to-throttle response, and/or random loss of acceleration while driving (common and extremely dangerous).  These affected “electronic throttle control” systems are ones fitted for Mercedes C/E/S/CLK/SLK class models as early as 1998, often reported failing after 100,000-130,000 miles. […]

  • McGee Home Construction

    McGee Home Construction

    New home construction project in Fort Bragg, CA architected and constructed by Pat McGee. 3600-sf 5-bed 2-bath with redwood deck, redwood garden, workshop.